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9.5mm Universal 2nd Hard Drive Bay Caddy

Hello Today i am going to explain you about Hard Disk Caddy. very nice product for using extra hard drive in laptop, for example if your laptop having 500 gb or 1tb hard disk and you want to use SSD in your laptop for faster performance then you need to buy this product. just remove your old baracuda sata hard drive and insert in this laptop DVD hard drive caddy. and install SSD on SATA port. then install windows as per your requirement. now you used both hard disk simultaneously.

Gadget Deals 9.5mm Universal 2nd Hard Drive Bay Caddy For CD/DVD-ROM,Laptop,

Macbook PRO 2.5 inch Internal Hard Drive Enclosure/HDD Caddy  (For Serial ATA/ Universal 2.5″ HDD/SSD, Multicolor)