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KL-100B Mobile Controlled Remote Lock- ये लॉक खोल देगा अकल का ताला

Smart Home Smart Phone Controlled Remote Locking System

  • The KL-100B uses advanced encrypted Bluetooth communication for simple access control. Remote Key Access: Your door lock is controlled via Mobile App on your smart phone (d-key and i-key). Remote Access Key can be issued to a Visitor. Control and limit access rights, as preferred
  • You can choose to grant access for a specific time period and date. Visitor can install Mobile Client App to receive encrypted access code. Use your smartphone to control conveniently through the app screen or by flipping your smartphone. Door automatically locks when you touch the door lock
  • Random Security Code prevents intruders from tracing the fingerprint marks left behind. Made up of Aluminum die-casting. Water proofed for outdoor/ indoor installation: IP 54 grade. 24/7 activity log in the Keyless Key App tracks who enters your home and when
  • Easy DIY Installation with no additional holes in the door,replace your current deadbolt with just a screwdriver. Easy to set up and program using the Keyless Key apps. Powered by Standard AA batteries. Mechanical Key control for emergency override
  • Offers Mechanical and Electronic Master Key for facility managers to easily manage multi-unitshousing such as Apartments/ Condos/ Rentals/ Vacation Properties/ Businesses

Product Description:
It’s the coolest key you will possibly ever own! Enabled with advanced encrypted Bluetooth communication designed for door locks, and a host of exclusive eatures, the KL100B is the new face of security, convenience and simplicity of installation and operation. You can access your door lock remotely with just a click on your smart phone.

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