What is Software -01

Laptop Repairing Course Lesson -01

Hello friends today i am going to teach you my 1st lesson of laptop repairing course. i am design this course in very simple english language for understanding everyone and learn at 1st attempt. before you learn laptop repair you need to know what is software of laptop using for run.
What is software?
Software is a set of programs, Which is a design to perform a well define function. A program is a sequence of instruction written to solve a particular problem.

Types of Software 

  1. System Software.
  2. Application Software.

What is System Software?
The system software is collection of programs designed to operate, control and extend the processing capabilities of the computer itself. System software is generally prepared by computer manufactures.

System Software have direct control and access to your computer hardware , and memory locations . They perform input output operations on various memory locations , and control the hardware , to make the application software do a task . Operating systems , are the main examples for system software .

Examples :

Microsoft Windows
BIOS Software
HD Sector Boot Software
Device Driver Software i.e Graphics Driver etc
Linker Software
Assembler and Compiler Software

Some Features of System Software –

  • Close to system.
  • Fast in speed.
  • Difficult to manipulate.
  • Smaller in size.
  • Difficult to design.
  • Difficult to understand.
  • Generally written in low level language.

Acording to his work three Types of System Software

  • System control program
  • System support program
  • System development programs

System control program-they control the execution of programs  for example-Operating system

Device drivers-Device drivers are system programs, which are responsible for proper functioning of device. Exp – device like printer, a user must load the device driver of that particular printer.

System support programs-They provide routine service function to other computer programs and users. exp-utility programs.

Some utility programs are-Text editors, They are used to create and edit files. For exp-notepad is the text editor.

Utilities –

Backup utilities-These utility programs help us to backup of our important data.
By using these programs files are backed up to floppies, CD and DVD.

Data recovery software-Sometimes an illegal operation may result in an  accidental loss of data which was still to be needed then we used data recovery software. Exp-Recycle bin.

Compression utilities- Compression utility are used to compress large sized files so that they can be stored in storage of low capacity. Win-zip is a popular compression utility used in window based desktops.

Antivirus utility- Any program that effect the normal working of the other programs or effect the boot sector of the disk is a virus. The anti virus software detects the virus, identify and prevent it from spreading. Some examples of anti-virus software are Norton’s anti virus, MC afee, Quick heal,  Net Protector etc.

System Development Programs– They assists in the creation of computer programs.  Examples of system development are – programming language, language translations.